I don't have much of a plan because real life sucks out a lot of my time but I am still around, just not showing my presence.

news } 18/10/14

BAAA. I'm on one week mid-semester break with lots of assignments due when I come back.



Oikawa-san is important. The biggest dork volleyball prince ever! You are not a genius.

Shishio-sensei is important. I can't decice whether you are a dork or a coward.

Count Cruhteo is important. He's dead. Loyal until the end. Thanks for nothing Saazbaum.

Protect Slaine at all cost!

I like Ciel most when he is a brat. Vincent Phantomhive is important. Diedrich, please appear soon or I will clobber you.

Kumous are just... gorgeous.

things you need to know

I adore Lee Pace.

Flawless Aki and ah-ma-zing Ishizue Kachiru are precious beings that have such underappreciated stuffs.

I am 90% a procrastinator and I apologize for not completing my promises. I do my best!

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Shizume Week : DAY 6 - AU

          In a world where Shishio and Suzume are gangster husband and wife duo. Despite her cold demeanor, Suzume is full of happiness when she’s in a fight, and her husband is pleased just watching over her.

          “She fights better than you, Shishio.”

          “I know. Seeing her cute face, it’s all that matters.”